Laura Gentry's career began in 1984 when she herself was an aspiring model. Like so many, she was not sure where to begin. With the support of only her mother, she enrolled in a modeling school in Dallas Texas. Laura auditioned for the very first IMTA convention produced and her career took off as a result of her participation. With her growing success as a model, the rest of her family came to support her career choice.

Laura modeled for years before she advanced in a new direction of the industry. She began building her career as a school owner and began marketing her students to agents from around the world. As a result of building a strong portfolio of success stories, she was approved by the International Model and Talent Association to preliminary scout for hundreds of agents internationally.

Fast forward to present day and you will discover that Laura is one of the top scouts for the International Model and Talent Association and the European Model Showcase. Laura is responsible for assisting hundreds of new models, actors, singers and dancers to achieve their dream and display their talents for national and international agents.

Laura has been in the talent industry for close to 30 years and has been awarded the prestigious Life Time Achievement Award from IMTA. She has extraordinary vision and is known throughout the industry as an ultimate professional.

Along with 10 Emmy nominated actors, Ms. Gentry’s success stories can be seen gracing the pages of top fashion magazines and runways worldwide. Her models and actors can be seen on America’s Next Top Model, prime time TV, national commercials, and major motion films. In addition, her discoveries have been signed with Handprint Entertainment, Elite, Ford, Click, IMG, Next, Superior Talent, KNS, Discovery Management, The Osbrink Agency, and others worldwide.



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